Mission to Europe – Online Conference

Join us for a powerfull time in the presence of God. We will be inspired to run with the fire of God and to release the supernatural flow of the Holy Spirit. Come with expectation to receive your miracle.

Host: Stefan Edefors, Sweden

Participating speakers:
Jens & Lena Garnfeldt, Denmark
Peter Nordberg, Sweden
Manfred & Katharina Roth, Switzerland
Mark van Gundy, United Kingdom
Fred Uwe Winkler, Germany
Karl-Axel Mentzoni, Norway
Owe Carlsson, Sweden
Tony King, United Kingdom

There will be a time of preaching, worship, panel talks and so much more.

Tune in on Sunday and Monday from 5pm-10pm by clicking the following links:

Facebook: shorturl.at/dfvzO 
Youtube: shorturl.at/lHIZ4

We are looking forward to have you with us!


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May 03 2020


17:00 - 22:00