Lederkonference – Mission to Europe

I Starten af maj 2017 glæder Mission to Europe sig til at byde dig velkommen til en Leder Konference med profeter fra Europa.

Be prepared to be put on fire or reignited to spread the fire of Revival across the Continent of Europe.

Detaljeret program følger:

MANDAG – 1. maj

9.00 – 10.00            Peter Nordberg         – Building a culture for growth

10.25 – 11.25          Owe Carlsson             – Keys to Revival

11.50 – 12.50          Karl-Axel Menzoni     – The Power of Seeing/the Power of Hearing

19.00                       Stefan Edefors           – Church of the living God 

TIRSDAG – 2. maj

9.00 – 10.00           Philip Dupont             – The supernatural inside the natural

10.25 – 11.25          Bruno Knutzen           –

11.50 – 12.50          Manfred Roth            – Meeting Jesus face to face

19.00                      Jens Garnfeldt           – How to stand in Revival

ONSDAG – 3. maj

9.00 – 10.00           Owe Carlsson             – Keys to Revival

10.25 – 11.25          Stefan Edefors           – Church of the living God

11.50 – 12.50          Jens Garnfeldt           – Mission, Vison and Purpose

19.00                       Karl-Axel Mentzoni    – Power of seeing/Power of Hearing

About our Speakers:

Jens Garnfeldt, Copenhagen Bible training Centre, Denmark. Founder of KBC, church and Mission to Europe, He has shared his passion for Revival with many pastors in Europe. He is an internationally recognized speaker, in 68 nations, on all five continents. Leader of Business Class, where he has ministered to both secular and church leadership for many years.

Owe Carlsson, City Church, Sweden. He has been a Pentecostal pastor for more than 50 years, and an internationally recognized conference speaker. He has been walking in leadership his entire life and has experience of how to, and how not to do things!

Stefan Edefors, E-church, Sweden. Has great experience from the marketplace and how to work with people’s potential. He is an internationally recognized evangelist whose ministry has blessed many nations of the world.

Karl-Axel Mentzoni, Filadelfia Church, Norway. He is an established pastor in the Pentecostal movement Norway. Through his international ministry he has been ministering in more than 60 nations. By his Master’s degree in theology, he is well established in teaching leadership and how to walk it out in life.

Peter Nordberg, Free lane Church, Sweden. Has a Doctor degree of Theology and is a very well-liked bible teacher and international speaker. He is currently working as a pastor in Stockholm.


Billetter koster 75€ kan købes her: https://billetto.dk/da/international-leadership-conference


May 01 2017


09:00 - 21:00